Task forces

posted Oct 10, 2016, 6:13 PM by Fanda   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 6:49 PM ]
The Student Senate is in the process of creating several task forces to better various aspects of student lives. I am in charge of coordinating the creation of those task forces. Based on senators' expressed interest in the September retreat and notes taken from their one-on-one meetings with their SSCC reps, I narrowed down to 10 task forces. All initiation emails were sent on Oct. 1st. As of today Oct. 10th, I've got a handful of senators replied to confirm the creation of their task forces. That amounts to an overall of 6. The number may be added by 1 if I eventually decide to personally move forward with the issue of graduate students paying university fees. All in all, I think this year's student senate is off to a good start!

There will be several things different about the way we operate task forces this year. First thing is that task force chairs or creators are given full autonomy over matters within their task forces. It used to be that a member from the executive committee (SSCC) also sits on a task force. The power dynamic between the task force creator and the SSCC rep may complicate things. To better motivate our senators to work on their projects and to rid off some of the inefficiencies stemming from the power dynamics, I decided to let the task force be "running wild and running free". To make sure the task forces won't go on full "renegades", (thank you X-ambassadors), the second thing I will do differently this year is that I will check in with task force leaders about their progress on a monthly basis. The results of these check-ins will be complied into a student senate internal monthly newsletter. That way, all 60 senators get to see what is going with all our task forces.