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Each of our 50 senators represents a college that elected them. For the Student Senate to function well, it is important that our senators connect to their college level student government bodies (college boards). A document passed by the 2006-07 Student Senate executive committee delineates the responsibilities of the student senators. In this document, it reads "[I]ndividuals serving as Student Senators should: 6. Communicate regularly with student governance bodies."

However, perhaps due to lack of awareness about or lack of activities in the Student Senate in the past, our senators are not well known to their perspective college boards. This section is dedicated to topics regarding how the 2016-17 Student Senate improves its senators' connection to their collegiate constituencies. 

Ex officio postion on undergraduate college boards

posted Oct 18, 2016, 6:37 PM by Fanda

After a brief discussion with the chair of the Student Senate, we decided to propose to all 8 undergraduate college boards on the Twin Cities campus to allow our senators to serve as at least a non-voting ex officio member on their boards. The chair will have a meeting on this Friday with all 8 board presidents. 

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